After school activity
Naschool activiteiten

After school activity

After-school activities

take place in whole or in part outside the regular school hours.

But what are after-school activities anyway? N. A (after-school activities) are generally activities that your child does after school. Think of football or hockey. Usually children have a sport as after-school activity. But that doesn’t have to be special. Other activities that your child is working on in groups are also after-school activities. Think of music for example. When your child is on music lessons, it is also an after-school activity. Usually this is in a group context.

The benefits

What are the benefits of an after-school activity. One of the benefits of an after-school activity is that your child learns to go in team-related, thereby increasing your child’s social skills. In addition, the emotional stimuli are also tested and the children learn to cope with their emotions. Another advantage may be that your child can soon discover what he or she will like as a profession and a new hobby.

Your child

It still happens that your child says after a few lessons, I don’t like it anymore. Don’t be angry, this happens to every parent once. Your child is in discovery phase and is discovering what he or she likes, and finally it is about what your child is going to do for a long time.


Most after-school activities require a fee, this fee varies from €2.50 to €25.00 at a time. For most of the after-school activities, you can appeal to the municipality for a settlement. Or you can apply for Learning Money Foundation. There may also be a different body in your municipality that will pay the costs for you.