Another and more striking form of applying!

Another and more striking form of applying!

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Are you looking for a different and more striking form of applying? For over 12 years we can offer you these. You can come to us every week in your own neighborhood center, together on your way to that one job and discover your hidden talents. Take a look at our website for tips. We have a method to make your application stand out. You can also view a list of vacancies weekly and a list of current jobs, by far the largest number in the Netherlands.

If your interest Is aroused, please feel free to contact us with a cup of coffee during one of our speaking hours on a:

Tuesday morning 9-12 hours office in district Centre de Dome, Kapittelweg 399a, 1216 JC Hilversum for #werkzoekenden in zip code 1214, 1215, 1216, 1231, 1241, 1243 and 1244 Https:// 
Wednesday morning 9-12 hours consultation in district Centre St Joseph Minckelersstraat 71, 1223 LD Hilversum for jobseekers in postcode 1211, 1212, 1213, 1221 and 1223
Thursday morning 9-12 hours in the district centre De Palm Kernel, Cuckoo Avenue 3, 1403 EA in Bussum for jobseekers in ZIP code 1217, 1218, 1222, 1394, 1398, 1399 and 1412 Http://
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Then all your questions can be answered immediately by our Job Seekers Service Point (WZSP), open for advice on work & income against a voluntary contribution; We also offer assistance with regular job placement, internships, learning places, jobs and independent entrepreneurship. We help to achieve this as a socially non-profit entrepreneur!!!
Furthermore we are active on Tuesday afternoon 15.30 to 17 hours (spout until 17.30 hours) in the district centre De Kleine Lelie, Hilvertsweg 89-91, 1214 JB Hilversum (only in the project away & pointer with Versa well-being)

In relation to large crowds, it is only by appointment that we work in:
District Restaurant at the time; Prof. Dr. H. Kamerlingh Onnesweg 14, 3731 KH De Bilt
Lopes Dias, Lopes Diaslaan 213, 1222 VE Hilversum North
Sign up or ask for more information so simply if you live in these neighborhoods via or call 06 404 145 60
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