Collective Health Insurance

Collective Health Insurance

If you have an low income , you can arrange for collective health insurance from Menzis via the municipality. The municipality of Hilversum then pays part of the health insurance costs.

When you arrange a collective health insurance policy, the premium will be deducted from your benefit. If you do not do this then you must reserve money yourself for your health insurance. Always ask for help from your VWN contact person so you can arrange this properly.

Switching to another health insurance company is possible every year before 1 January. After 1 January it is no longer possible to switch.

What are the benefits of the collective health insurance?

  • You receive a discount on the basic insurance.
  • You receive a discount on the supplementary insurance.
  • You receive a discount on dental insurance.
    • You are entitled to additional reimbursements such as:
    • Glasses
    • Physiotherapy
    • Dental costs
    • Compensation for personal contribution WMO

Which collective health insurance policies are there?

There are 2 types of collective health insurance policies. With the collective health insurance, you must take out dental insurance. You can choose between 4 different dental insurances.

  • Guaranteed care 2
    Good supplementary package for people who do not need much care.
  • Guaranteed care 3
    Own risk insured with ample coverage and extra reimbursement for home care, medical aids, and medicines.
  • Dental insurance
    Basic dental coverage, comprehensive dental insurance, extra comprehensive dental insurance and the prosthesis insurance.

We advise you:

  • To apply for the collective health insurance together with your VWN contact person at the municipality of Hilversum.
  • To view more information about the costs and conditions on the website of the Municipality of Hilversum.