Danner en Danner

Danner en Danner

The language school Danner & Danner offers language lessons for status holders in Hilversum. They have over 30 years of experience in language teaching and you can integrate here at your own level. If you want to obtain an integration certificate at Danner & Danner, you will first receive a language and a learning test with which the integration program can be offered to you.

Danner & Danner will help you with applying for the DUO loan and they offer courses with which, after integration, you can improve your Dutch language level. For example, you can find a job where a higher level of language is needed. Finally, Danner & Danner offers the budgeting course that allows you to get a better grip on your finances.

In short, Danner & Danner can offer you a future perspective and help you on your way in Dutch society.

Visit the website or contact us via:

Telefoonnummer 085 – 800 5000 
Email: Info@dannerendanner.nl