Financial assistance and work

Financial assistance and work

If you have financial assistance you are expected to move towards a permanent job. The financial
assistance is intended as temporary support for people who do not have a job. You may find work and
earn money with it. What does that mean for your financial assistance? We will explain in the paragraphs

Indicate how much you earn

If you receive other income in addition to your financial assistance, you will have to report this to the
municipality Hilversum. They will determine how much you can keep from your other income and how
much they deduct from your financial assistance. This is determined by law in the Netherlands. So always
specify how much you earn to avoid problems!

Let’s get that job!

It is always better to have a job. Even if you do not earn more than your financial assistance! Having a job
is good on your resume, you gain experience and you show that you want and are able to work. We
advise you to get started as soon as possible once you find something. It is better for you and your future!

We advise you:

  • To look for a job even if you earn less than you receive through financial assistance.
  • Always declare the income you receive through work or other means at the municipality Hilversum if you receive financial assistance.