Viola barely spoke Dutch


Viola barely spoke Dutch; A mouthful English; That was it.
She had a diploma as a nurse in her country of origin. That diploma is not acknowledged, revaluation costs her too much money and effort and the NUFFIC knowing it will lead to nothing.

In The Netherlands she has worked for four years with two families: one as a carer of an MS-patient, one with a very old lady. They paid her privately and appreciated her commitment, work spirit and sympathy as very high! They talked English with each other! Both clients of her came to death.

Wim van Oudheusden Advisor at Work in your own neighborhood Advised her to do two things in parallel: From April onwards as an activity counselor voluntarily to work in dementia care, in which they constantly talk Dutch musts; In addition, in September we try to study as a helping level 2.

Unfortunately, this plan failed because the healthcare sector does not adopt students without a so-called starting qualification. This is despite the huge shortage of staff!
What now? She works as a cleaning worker in a hotel and is still in the care of the temp anyway! Without qualification, without qualifications, but thanks to her excellent experience of those 4 years!!!!

Sometimes things don’t go exactly the way you want them, but with a detour, you can always come to the profession you would like to do.
Our advice is therefore, do not give up even though you have to do first other work to gain experience in the Dutch labor market.

Wim van Oudheusden is a voluntary consultant when it comes to work.

For more information about Wim van Ousdheusden and Work in your own neighborhood Check out his information on our website.



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