Internet and television

Internet and television

Apply for internet and television together with your contact from VWN. There are many providers in the Netherlands that can provide internet and television. Choose a provider that suits you and do not go for the first one. If you take out a contract, you are often stuck to it for at least 1 year.

We advise you to look at an independent comparison website such as Pricewise or Independer . Many providers have actions in which you have a lower amount in the first year or half year. This makes it seem like it is cheap, but actually you pay just as much or more.

What to do if there is no signal

If you do not have internet or television in your home, there may be a fault with the provider. When you contact the provider, they will ask you to turn your modem on and off first. If you still have not connected after switching the modem on and off, they will try and fix the problem, but it could also lie with the housing corporation.

We advise you:

  • Not to immediately choose the first supplier but to make a good decision.
  • Be careful with choosing additional options at your provider this cost extra money.
  • If you find it difficult to contact your provider, ask help from your neighbors or someone else to call them.