Internet Banking

Internet Banking

We do almost all of our money affairs online in the Netherlands. Internet banking is done online with a mobile phone or computer. Banks have there own app that you can download on trusted app stores. This means that you do not always have to visit a bank.

What do you need?

To be able to use internet banking go to your bank for more information. Usually the bank already provides information about internet banking when you open an account.

How does the app work?

All bank apps usually work the same. You have an overview of your bank balance and can transfer money to other accounts. Please note that you always need to use a secure password and never give information about your account to anyone.

We advise you

  • To go to your bank for more information or ask your contact person from VWN.
  • Always be careful with your data and only share it with your own bank, if in doubt always call and ask your bank.