Rental contract

Rental contract

A rental contract is a written agreement between you and the housing corporation. If a home is available, an appointment will be made for the signing of the rental contract. This is done together with an employee of VWN on the regulation day.

Did you receive your house in order?

It is important to check if the meter readings for gas, electricity and water are registered correctly. You must also be sure that there are no damages to the property. Think of the doors inside and outside, the windows but also the toilet and the bathroom tiles.
The house must be delivered to you neatly and after you have signed you will maintain it yourself. If there is damage to the home, make an appointment about the repair before signing. This means that damage occurs after you sign for your own costs . When you have a insurance, you can claim your insurance.

Service contract

A service contract is a separate agreement that you can have with your housing corporation. The service contract is there to repair damage to your property that is not covered by the rental agreement. If there is a window or toilet broken, these are repaired free of charge with a service contract. If you do not have a service contract, you must pay for it yourself. The costs are approximately € 5.00 on top of the cost of your rental property per month and is well worth the money.

Rent Payment

When the rental contract is signed, you will go to the municipality together with your contact from VWN to let them know everything is done. From that moment on, the Hilversum municipality pays your rental costs to the housing corporation for the first 6 months. The municipality pays your rent costs so that you will not experience any stress about payment yourself.

The prepayment of your rental costs will be deducted from your financial assistance on a monthly basis. After 6 months you will receive the full financial assistance and you will have to transfer the rental costs to the housing corporation each month.

If you are going to pay the rental costs yourself, keep in mind that the rental costs must always be transferred to the housing corporation before the 1st day of the month.

Moving or Home swap

It is of course possible to get another living space. Most housing corporations do want you to have lived in your home for at least 1 year. To be able to search for another home, you must also register at In some cases, it is possible to exchange home. Let yourself be informed about this by the housing corporation.

We advise you:

  • Ask as many questions as possible when you do not understand something on the day you sign the rental contract.
  • Check the meter readings carefully before you sign.
  • Check the property for damage before you sign.
  • If you see damage, make a repair appointment with the employee of the housing corporation directly before signing.
  • Take a service contract with your housing corporation.
  • Always pay the rent on time so you avoid additional unnecessary costs