Saving money

Saving money

It is very important to set money aside for when you have to make a big expense. It is difficult and if it succeeds very costly to borrow money. Borrowing money, costs money. Below we have highlighted a number of important topics for you that are important to put money aside.

Study costs for yourself and your children

Do you have children and do they want to study later? Then keep in mind the costs for studying. From middle to university you will have to deal with the costs for school, materials, books and for traveling to and from school.

Are your children going to the MBO? Then they can use a scholarship that they do not have to pay back if they do the study within 10 years. If they go to college or university they have to pay the study themselves or they can take out a loan for part of the costs.


Do you want to take a vacation yourself or with your family? Then we advise you to save. Some employers pay holiday pay once a year. Holiday pay is a portion of your salary, usually 8%, that you can spend freely. It is still useful to put aside some money every month so that you can go on vacation with it.

Unexpected expenses

You never know when you can deal with unexpected expenses. It is therefore important to save a portion of your income for these unexpected expenses. Certain devices in the house and for example your car is often very expensive to replace or repair if broken.

We advise you:

  • To set aside a part of your income for one or all of the above subjects.
  • To get help from a budget coach to get your financial affairs in order.