The job coach

The job coach

If you cannot find a job in the region yourself, you can call in the help of the job coach at the municipality Hilversum.

How does this work?

With a job coach from the municipality of Hilversum, you will have a meeting in which your interests,
talents, and experiences are discussed. A job coach will help you create your resume or, if necessary, add to it he can help in planning on how to get a job together with you.
You can also discuss with what you with like to do with your job coach. With the information you provide, the job coach will start working and, in consultation with you, will look for a suitable job.

We advise you:

  • To indicate what work you want to do, the job coach can take this into account.
  • To try something new and be open to a different career choice, branch or position.
  • To gain work experience starting with volunteer work.