Versa Wellbeing

Versa Wellbeing

Did you know that in your residential area you can go to versa well-being if you need help.
At Versa you can go for:

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from or where you’re struggling. Versa is working on sustainable relationships in neighbourhoods, and building communities where everyone is welcome. With initiatives that focus on discovering what everyone has to offer. Versa employees know local residents and other social workers and people know us. Thus we are of significance in a neighbourhood
You can see us in district centres and toddler preschools, in the area shuttle service and on the street. Together we build connected neighbourhoods.

The employees of Versa well-being provide support to people from young to old who need a support in the back, so that they can participate in society and can be independent for as long as possible.

Youth work

Youth work helps young people between 11 and 21 with all kinds of questions or problems. Social workers/youth work are well aware of what is happening to young people. They find nothing crazy or weird, so you can ask them all your questions. They can coach you if you have problems. Social workers/youth work can guide you to a training or (volunteer) work. They also know the organisations in the region. If necessary, they can refer you to, for example, addiction treatment, social work or debt relief.

Did you know that versa well-being in Hilversum has 5 youth and youth centres:

Are you a youngster between 11 and 21 years old than visiting one of the youth centres.

Want more info on Versawelzijn here is their contact information:

Versa Wellbeing
Larenseweg 30
P.O. Box 1463
1200 BL Hilversum
(035) 623 11 00